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EMA-200H Air Micrometer

Color display

Tally function

Roughness compensation function

Standard roundness measurement function

Imported pressure regulator valve, imported sensor, IP67 protection grade high elastic button, unique patent high stability gas module

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1.Measurement range: ±5μm, ±10μm, ±2μm5, ±50μm.

2.Resolution: 0.1μm.

3.Display: Three-color LED and 3.5 "color LCD display screen, 101-dot, bar graph.

4.Data Storage: 32,000 sets measurement data, 10 sets programmable.

5.Outer interface: RS232 / RS485 and I/0 (Export, query, and delete data)

6.Precision testing the absolute value of workpiece size.

7.Keep the rate of instrument don’t change, the service time of air jet can be extended 50%.

8.Tightness: High elasticity waterproof (IP67) keys, oil-proof, waterproof.

9.Precision measurement: Internal/external diameter, ovality, and taper.

10.Roughness compensation function: effectively improve the measurement accuracy of air gauge caused by roughness.

Indicating value rangeLight column resolution (μm/ lamp )Digital display resolution (μm  )Indicating value total error(≤μm)Repeatability(≤μm )Initial gap μmWeight (Kg)Size (Width ×Height ×Depth)
+ ×500×265
+501. ×500×265