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EMA-1A/2A-Intelligent air micrometer

Color display

Tally function

Three channel average calculation function

Roughness compensation function

Standard roundness measurement function

Imported pressure regulating valve, imported sensor, buzzer alarm, unique patent high stability gas module

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1. No need to select measurement range

2.Resolution: 0.1μm.

3.Display: Touch screen control and 4.3-inch LCD screen display  

4.Data Storage: 100000 sets measurement data, 10 sets programmable.

5.Outer interface: RS232 / RS485 and I/0 (Export, query, and delete data)

6. Adopt independent air source box

Indicating value rangeLight column resolution (μm/ lamp )Digital display resolution (μm  )Indicating value total error(≤μm)Repeatability(≤μm )Initial gap μmWeight (Kg) Size (Width ×Height ×Depth)