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LZE-AG Electronic Micrometer

Color display

Dedicated signal amplification module

Maximum & Minimum value display

Roughness compensation function

Standard roundness measurement function

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1.High accuracy, high stability, top resolution 0.1μm. The instrument does not need to be preheated.

2.Relative and absolute values of measurement.

3.Measurement range: ±5μm, ±10μm, ±25μm,

4.10 sets programmable, storage 2,000 measurement value (No data loss due to power outages)

5.Display: Three-color light column automatic conversion

6.Outer interface: RS232 / RS485 and I/0 (Export, query, and delete data)

7.Special customization can be made according to customer's drawings (±100μm± 150μm etc.)

8.Automatic saving and sending of delayed measurement data.

Indicating value rangeLight column resolution (μm/ lamp )Digital display resolution (μm  )Indicating value total error(≤μm)Repeatability(≤μm )Initial gap μmWeight (Kg) Size (Width ×Height ×Depth)