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MDE-500 Programable Electronic Micrometer

Data storage and export function

SPC analysis function

Touch screen operation

Multi-size simultaneous measurement, up to 20 channels

Measurement software can be customized, measurement data calculation is more convenient

Imported pressure regulator valve, imported sensor, HD digital display touch screen, unique patent high stability gas module

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1. High accuracy, high stability, top resolution 0.1μm. The instrument does not need to be preheated.

2. Relative and absolute values of measurement.

3. Measurement range: ±5μm, ±10μm, ±25μm,

4. 10 sets programmable, storage 100,000 measurement value (No data loss due to power outages)

5. Display: Three-color light column automatic conversion

6. Outer interface: RS232 / RS485 and I/0 (Export, query, and delete data)

7. Special customization can be made according to customer's drawings (±100μm± 150μm etc.)

8. Automatic saving and sending of delayed measurement data.

Indicating value rangeLight column resolution (μm/ lamp )Digital display resolution (μm  )Indicating value total error(≤μm)Repeatability(≤μm )Initial gap μmSize (Width ×Height ×Depth)