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LS-350 Lazer ox aksonometri

Detection range 0-500mm (customized detection distance)

Instrument resolution: 0.0001

Can be combined with robot technology, and suitable for multiple parts measurement

It can be able to meet complex site environments,easy to complete measurement

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1. Measuring software displays the real-time image of the workpiece to be tested, clearly displaying the true situation of the workpiece to be measured.

2. Can be combined with robotics, automatic loading and unloading means that 100% production testing can be completed without additional cost.

3. When the detection, the operator can complete more independently, set the tool compensation and reduce the decrease in the decrease before the measurement data is extremely or deviation.

4. Detection items and repetition accuracy: OD detection accuracy: 0.001 μm, the outer circle 0.001μm outer circle degree 0.001 μm display accuracy is 0.0001μm.