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Bearing Measurer

ID/OD of bearing ring

Cysylltwch â ni


1. This instrument is a mechanical measuring instrument with comparative method, mainly used for measuring the ID and OD, fourth degree and wall thickness difference of the inner and outer drawing of the bearing.

2.It is mainly used for measuring the ID and OD, roundness, taper and width of the bearing outer ring.

modelAmrediad mesurIndication erroVariation of indication
D922Inner diameter Ø3-10± 0.0010.001
D923Inner diameter Ø20-100, outer diameter Ø15-80± 0.0010.001
D923AInner diameter Ø20-100, outer diameter Ø 15-80± 0.0010.001
D924Inner diameter Ø50-140, outer diameter Ø30-120± 0.0010.001
D925Inner diameter Ø60-220, outer diameter Ø60-200± 0.0010.001
Diamedr Allanol
D913Outer diameter Ø30-120, width 8-60± 0.0010.001
D913-1Outer diameter Ø30-200± 0.0010.001
D914Outer diameter Ø30-120, width≦70± 0.0010.001
D915Outer diameter Ø215-300, width≦70± 0.0010.001
D916Outer diameter Ø400-600± 0.0010.001