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EMA-100H Air Micrometer



Maximum & minimum value display/coincidence calculation function

Roughness compensation function

Standard roundness measurement function

Imported pressure regulator valve, imported sensor, IP67 protection grade high elastic button, unique patent high stability gas module



1.Measurement range: ±5μm, ±10μm, ±25μm, ±50μm.

2.Resolution: 0.1μm.

3.Display: Three-color LED and 3.5 "color LCD display screen, 101-dot, bar graph.

4.Data Storage: 32,000 sets measurement data, 10 sets programmable.

5.Outer interface: RS232 / RS485 and I/0 (Export, query, and delete data)

6.Precision testing the absolute value of workpiece size.

7.Keep the rate of instrument don’t change, the service time of air jet can be extended 50%.

8.Tightness: High elasticity waterproof (IP67) keys, oil proof, waterproof.

9.Precision measurement: Internal/external diameter, ovality, and taper.

10.Roughness compensation function: effectively improve the measurement accuracy of air gauge caused by roughness.

Wertebereich anzeigenLichtsäulenauflösung (μm/Lampe)Auflösung der digitalen Anzeige (μm)Anzeigewert Gesamtfehler (≤μm)Wiederholbarkeit (≤μm)Anfangsspalt μmGewicht (kg) Größe (Breite × Höhe × Tiefe)
+ × 500 × 265
+ × 500 × 265
+ × 500 × 265
+501. × 500 × 265