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LZA-C1A/C2A-Intelligent air micrometer

Connect PLC

PC verbinden

Numerisches Kontrollsystem


Combination is more economical

Importiertes Druckregelventil, importierter Sensor, Summeralarm, einzigartiges patentiertes Gasmodul mit hoher Stabilität



The digital modular application product designed with embedded single chip microcomputer technology, digital processing of analog semaphore, can directly display the absolute measurement value of measured size or relative to the nominal size of the change of the relative measurement value. According to the preset workpiece size tolerance limit, indicate whether the measured workpiece is qualified or not, can be used single, can also be connected and combined to use more than one, more saving operation space.

Wertebereich anzeigenLichtsäulenauflösung (μm/Lampe)Auflösung der digitalen Anzeige (μm)Anzeigewert Gesamtfehler (≤μm)Wiederholbarkeit (≤μm)Anfangsspalt μmGewicht (kg) Größe (Breite × Höhe × Tiefe)
+ × 200 × 130
+ × 200 × 130
+ × 200 × 130
+501. × 200 × 130
+1002. × 200 × 130