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Automatyske mjitmasine foar silinderblok

Automatic Measuring Machine for Cylinder Block realizes the loading on the production line through automatic conveyor line, automatic location of workpiece and diameter, roundness, cylindricity measurement of cylinder bore and crankshaft bore. It also has the following functions: automatic grouping of crankshaft bores in accordance with measurement results; automatic imprinting of plain code and 2D code of grouping information on the cylinder block in accordance with grouping results; automatic identification and warning of the unqualified products and transportation of the unqualified out of the line; SPC analysis; data memory and saving.

Kontakt mei ús opnimme


High measurement precision

Hege mjitnogigens

High measuring efficiency

Greatly reduce labor costs


Mjitprinsipe: Comparison measurement. Displacement sensor is used to measure the difference between the measured parts and the calibration parts, and then the relative sizes of the measured parts are calculated.

Measurement takt time: ≤120 seconds, under normal condition and operation

Measurement position technology level: resolution: 0.0001mm, measurement accuracy: ±0.001mm, GRR: ≤10%.