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Fully automatic CNC Vision Measuring Machine

Strong stability, use of extensive

SPC analysis function, automatic focus measurement

Record task operation details

Large stroke automatic measurement

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1. Detection speed: XY axis 280mm/s, Z-axis 100mm/s

2. Detection accuracy: XY axis (3 + L / 200) PM, Z-axis (5 + L / 200) PM

3. Applicable products: Suitable for large stroke measurements in PCB, LCD, sheet metal, aerospace, etc.

4. Equipment testing items: Measuring geometries, points, lines, arcs, splines, ellipses, rectangles, slots, R angles, rings, distance, points, construction, shades, coordinate systems, etc.

5. Device Features: You can generate tasks to fully automatically batch measurements, and support automatic and manual interaction, fast and automatic focus, focus measurement height

6. Realize automatic detection; equipment is very versatility; high precision, good stability