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Automatic Measuring Machine for Conrods

Automatic Measuring Machine for Conrods can automatically weigh the big and small heads of connecting rods and realize the automatic measurements of the following items: bore diameter, roundness and cylindricity; Centre-to-centre distance between two bores; curvature, distortion and thickness. It also has the following functions: SPC analysis of the above measurement data; issue warnings to pre-processing equipment, to avoid nonconforming; automatic imprinting of identification codes in accordance with measurement results; connecting rods of different groups can be sent to the corresponding material path, which greatly facilitates packing up.

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Alta precisión de medición

Alta precisión de medición

High measuring efficiency: 18 sec / piece

Reducir enormemente os custos laborais


Principio de medida: Comparison measurement. Displacement sensor is used to measure the difference between the measured parts and the calibration parts, and then the relative sizes of the measured parts are calculated. The whole control system adopts Profinet bus communication mode for OPC communication with the host computer. The integration is strong and the communication is safe and reliable.

Rango de medición: Manual adjustments for various sizes measurements. Centre-to-centre distance: 120mm-150mm, large bore inner diameter: 40mm-60mm, small bore inner diameter: 15mm - 30mm, big end thickness: 18mm-30mm.

Tempo de medición: ≤10 segundos, en condicións e funcionamento normais

Nivel de tecnoloxía de posición de medida: sensor resolution: 0.0001mm, measurement accuracy: 0.001mm, GRR: ≤10%.