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एयर माइक्रोमीटर और मास्टर गेज

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एमडीजी-500-इंटेलिजेंट एयर माइक्रोमीटर

Data storage and export function

SPC analysis function

टच स्क्रीन ऑपरेशन

Multi-size simultaneous measurement, up to 20 channels

Measurement software can be customized, measurement data calculation is more convenient

आयातित दबाव विनियमन वाल्व, आयातित सेंसर, बजर अलार्म, अद्वितीय पेटेंट उच्च स्थिरता गैस मॉड्यूल

हमसे संपर्क करें


1. Touch display screen: High brightness and clearly.

2. High integration and integrated operation.

3. Digital accurate display, top resolution 0.1μm.

4. Air jet of any size can be used.

5. High stability.

6. Adopt a variety of anti-interference and stability technology, greatly improve the stability of measurement and data reliability.

7. Precision measurement: Internal/external diameter, ovality, and taper.

8. The instrument adopts waterproof and oil-proof closed structure, which is suitable for harsh industrial environment.

9. Independent air source control box to ensure that the inside of the instrument dry, so that the service time of the instrument is longer.

10. 10 sets programmable, Rapid measurement of multiple products.

The built-in air source alarm can be customized. The pressure is as low as 0.3MPA.

विशेष विवरण
मूल्य सीमा का संकेतप्रकाश स्तंभ संकल्प (μm/लैंप)डिजिटल डिस्प्ले रिज़ॉल्यूशन (μm)मूल्य कुल त्रुटि का संकेत(≤μm)पुनरावृत्ति (≤μm)प्रारंभिक अंतराल μmवजन (किग्रा) आकार (चौड़ाई × ऊंचाई × गहराई)
+ × 200 × 130
+10 × 200 × 130
+25 × 200 × 130
+50 × 200 × 130
+100 × 200 × 130