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QGZ-23 Air Filter

Air filter, pressure regulating valve, waterproof valve, high air tightness sealing cover

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The air filter is specially designed to provide qualified air source for electronic micrometer and Air micrometer. QGZ gas filters are made of superfine fiber. Air purification and drying device based on condensation filtration theory. At the same time, according to the requirements of filtration accuracy, 3 or 2 filtration units of different efficiency can be combined.

Specifications QauvFilter minimum particle diameterOil removal rateWater removal rateQhov Loj (Dav × Qhov siab × Qhov tob)
QGZ-20.3 pm0.1 PPM85%300 × 460 × 100
QGZ-30.3 pm0.1 PPM92%300 × 460 × 100