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Statistički postupak i kontrola kvalitete (SPC)

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LZ-BSPC600 offers hardware and software for data collection and analysis to build Statistical Process and Quality Control (SPC).

Lee Power Gages provides a complete line of solutions for dimensional gauging and checking gauge, both manual and automatic. We join together with clients to design customized applications according to their needs and requirements, whether the quality control is performed for off-line sample-based or integrated automatic production lines. We complement these solutions with made-to-order Calibration Masters (rings, plugs, part-like masters).

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The Introduction of LZ-BSPC600 Gas-electricity Statistical Process Control

Gas-electricity statistical process control (Gas-electricity SPC) and micrometer are two independently working parts. The micrometer will measure real-time data and send the processed data to the Gas-electricity SPC via serial or wireless network transmission. Secondary screening of the received data on the Gas-electricity SPC according to the set tolerances of the different products, and workpiece sizes can be saved individually or together. At this point Gas-electricity SPC is equivalent to an aggregated database for data collection and engineering capability analysis. It can generate histograms, line graphs, ect. Data can be exported as an Excel for external wholesale processing or archiving. Gas-electricity SPC can be placed separately, the analysis is placed in the laboratory, and the measurement is performed in the production and processing workshop.

Various functions can be customized according to needs.