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Statistički postupak i kontrola kvalitete (SPC)

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LZ-GKSPC 600 Industrijsko upravljanje SPC

LZ-GKSPC 600 offers hardware and software for data collection and analysis, industrial control, production and factory automation.

Industrial Computers (embedded computers, panel PC and workstations) for data processing and control.

Data acquisition systems: interface boxes to connect analog and digital sensors to an industrial PC for data processing.

Application software to easily create distributed shop-floor data acquisition systems for Statistical Process and Quality control (SPC).

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The introduction of LZ-GKSPC 600 Industrial Control Statistical Process Control (Industrial Control SPC)

Industrial control and inspection system is quite different from the SPC at the data acquisition level. It is equipped with its own data processing and collection, no external gauges are required for measurement. It has the simple measuring functions of a gauge and the data analysis function of a workstation, it is small in size compared to SPC and its nature is such that it can only be measured in one place.

The differences between industrial control and gas-electric SPC can be seen at the level of data collection, but they are roughly similar on other levels.

Various functions can be customized as required.