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Igwe akụrụngwa nke ọkara nke akpaka

Semi-automatic Measuring Machine for Conrods can realize the automatic measurements of the following items: bore diameter, roundness and cylindricity; centre-to-centre distance between two bores; curvature, distortion and thickness. SPC analysis of the above measurement data can be conducted.

Kpọtụrụ anyị


High mmesho nkenke

Akwa mmesho ziri ezi

High measuring efficiency ≤ 30 sec / piece

Gbanyụọ ụgwọ ọrụ


Ụkpụrụ nha: Comparison measurement. Displacement sensor is used to measure the difference between the measured parts and the calibration parts, and then the relative sizes of the measured parts are calculated.

Nhọrọ dịgasị iche iche: Manual adjustments for various sizes measurements.

Measurement takt time: ≤30 seconds, under normal condition and operation

Measurement position technology level: sensor resolution: 0.0001mm, measurement accuracy: ±0.001mm, stability accuracy: ±0.001mm/4 h, GR&R: ≤10%.