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Iclever SPC Cloud Monitoring System

IClever SPC Monitoring Cloud System is a SPC management system tailored for China's manufacturing industry based on C/S and B/S technology architecture. As a management system, ICleverSPC is not only a tool for data input and chart generation, but also a complete network application system for real-time monitoring of product process quality, which plays a significant role in improving enterprise product quality. 

Бізбен хабарласыңы


ICleverSPC monitoring cloud system consists of the following five core functional modules:

Data collection / acquisition

Manual, Excel, PLC, RS232, RS485, TCPIP multi-way acquisition, support for ERP, MES system, etc.

The acquisition data contains metrological data and count data.

Нақты уақыттағы мониторинг

Detect the key data of production and processing to achieve quality data monitoring of the whole process. Provide monitoring parameters fluctuations to alert to exception data real-time alarm. Guide to rationalize the process abnormality.

Интеллектуалды талдау

Automatic analysis is adopted to provide conventional control graphics, such as metering control graphics, counting control charts, etc., to automatically calculate relevant results, understand the overall quality status, and provide support for improvement.

Ерекше жағдайларды өңдеу

The main function of quality improvement is to deal with anomalies, record quality anomalies, deal with process accidents and deal with unqualified products. Record related anomalies in production batches.

Есептерді басқару

The analysis and monitoring process of the whole report needs only a small amount of time, and gets rid of the traditional data analysis and copying reports, input data, EXCEL table construction and other cumbersome steps, greatly improving production efficiency.