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Hvorfor kommer flere og flere kunder til Kina for å bestille mater?

Tidspunkt: 2020-08-13 Treff: 37

We all know that the research and development of punch feeder originated in foreign countries, and the foreign punch feeder factory is also a lot of, but why there are so many foreign customers to China to find punch feeder factory custom punch feeder?


First of all, our country is a manufacturing power, Made in China has gained the recognition of the vast majority of countries in the world, punch machine, field, too, China's press feeder factory has been more and more, and had mastered the punch machine, production technology, to develop various styles, various types of punch tape feeder.


Punch machine, although r&d originated in foreign countries, but after all, only a small number of Germany, the United States, Japan and other countries to produce, although China is not the first second, but also be relatively early, and developing rapidly, the Chinese press punch tape feeder, feeder factory customization prices cheaper abroad, and some production technology is beyond the abroad, and there are a lot of foreign customers has always been a custom in China the production of various mechanical equipment, punch tape feeder, now take it for granted also began ordering punch machine equipment.


In addition, with the continuous development and progress of domestic punch feeder, in the overall performance, compared with Japan, Germany, basically no big difference. Some high-end three-in-one CNC feeder, NC CNC feeder performance, not worse than Japan, Germany. Especially in some configuration of hardware, domestic punch feeder with hardware, but also better than Japan, Germany too much.


Derfor, flere og flere utenlandske kunder i Kina for å finne punch feeder fabrikk tilpasset punch feeder.


Så flere og flere kunder kommer til Kina for å bestille mater!

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