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IData Visual Measurement Sistemi i vizualizimit të përvetësimit të të dhënave

The data visualization function is realized by means of configuration. It integrates all enterprise data such as equipment, ERP, MES, production, etc., and visually presents it in the client through force cloud. It realizes data reporting through measuring terminal and force precision measuring equipment. Through data acquisition, combining force quasi-cloud data delivery, and can be presented by large screen controller. Its application scenarios can cover equipment data presentation, large-screen display, combination of equipment data and internal enterprise data, data filling, data query, data analysis to achieve intelligent manufacturing requirements, etc.

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The system is powerful and easy to learn and implement. Achieve complex data presentation, easy to achieve a variety of display, interactive analysis, data entry, permission management, print out, mobile presentation and other functions.


Accurate data analysis helps production decision-making

Data visualization is to transfer and communicate information more clearly, intuitively and effectively by means of the form of data. It presents large sets of data so that users can analyze the data interactively. Using data visualization, users can observe and track data, as well as discover direct potential correlations.


Via measuring instruments with transfer function and various output formats

1.Make the data tangible, mining the value of the data

2.Implement data visualization in a dynamic manner

3.Solve the pain point of single recording of measurement data

4.Integrate with the internal data of the enterprise

5.Realize Made in China 2025 ecological closed loop