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Jarolla ka ho iketsa gauging mechine

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Jarolla ka ho iketsa Lekanyang Machine bakeng Brake Disc

Automatic Measuring Machine for Brake Disc realizes the automatic measurements of the following items: brake panel thickness and height, X gradient, Y gradient, X runout (inner), Y runout (inner), Y runout (outer), radial plate thickness difference, axial plate thickness difference (middle) and W runout. It also has the following functions: automatic cleaning of brake disc, SPC analysis of the above measurement data, fast changes between different types, and data memory and saving.

Iteanye le rona


High measurement precision

High measurement accuracy

High measuring efficiency: 18 sec / piece

Greatly reduce labor costs


Measurement principle: Comparison measurement. Displacement sensor is used to measure the difference between the measured parts and the calibration parts, and then the relative sizes of the measured parts are calculated. The whole control system adopts Profinet bus communication mode for OPC communication with the host computer. The integration is strong and the communication is safe and reliable.

Mealo ea tekanyo: Manual adjustments for various sizes measurements.

Measurement takt time: ≤18 seconds, under normal condition and operation

Measurement position technology level: sensor resolution: 0.0001mm, measurement accuracy: 0.001mm, GRR: ≤10%.