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Halvautomatisk mätmaskin för stavar

Semi-automatic Measuring Machine for Conrods can realize the automatic measurements of the following items: bore diameter, roundness and cylindricity; centre-to-centre distance between two bores; curvature, distortion and thickness. SPC analysis of the above measurement data can be conducted.



High measurement precision

Hög mätnoggrannhet

High measuring efficiency ≤ 30 sec / piece

Greatly reduce labor costs


Mätprincip: Comparison measurement. Displacement sensor is used to measure the difference between the measured parts and the calibration parts, and then the relative sizes of the measured parts are calculated.

Mätområde: Manual adjustments for various sizes measurements.

Measurement takt time: ≤30 seconds, under normal condition and operation

Measurement position technology level: sensor resolution: 0.0001mm, measurement accuracy: ±0.001mm, stability accuracy: ±0.001mm/4 h, GR&R: ≤10%.